Mentally Tough Tennis

Read my new book Mentally Tough Tennis: 8 Ways to be Mentally Tough (50 pages) on Amazon: Introduction: This is a book that I wish I could’ve read in my early days as a junior tennis player. It would’ve not only helped me win more tennis matches, but also helped me enjoy tennis more regardless if I had won or lost a match. Hopefully you will enjoy my perspective and use the material in this book to better your tennis game and other aspects of your life. Thank you! -Coach Adrian Purchase Kindle Version or Hardcover Version

What is the Winning Process?

During my first season as head coach for St. Ignatius College Preparatory, I installed a new “Winning Process” mental philosophy that helped motivate players consistently perform at their high level. It worked! I was able to lay down the foundation and help improve the team from a 6-11 record the previous year to an 11-4 winning record. To understand the Winning Process, we must first take a look at the two words individually: Process and Winning. Gowans best explains my view of a process: “ A process is not a thing, entity, or being, but an event, activity, or becoming. […]